F.O.P. Friends of Paul

Reflections of a Post-Octogenarian

The Todd Leach Family
John and Widad Mueller
Steve Vivian and Dr. Tia Rains
Jim and Christie Lynch
The Bell Brothers
Ellick Chan
Eric and Jennie Chen
Ginette and Carl Adamson
Frank and Tina Kastor
Kip and Sylvia Campbell
Alfredo, Maria and Christina Clavell
Iris and Burt Swanson
Mike and Rebecca Ditmore
The Rob Gillio Family
Victoria Gillio and Family
Ellie and Charlie Tewksbury
Larry and Cindy DeBrock
Rob and Amanda Valli
Deepak Winston
Lane and Meredith Soelberg
Derek and Camille Gilmore
Daryl and Sam Detwiler
Emilio and Valeria Grilli
The American Airlines Contingent
Cheroll Dossett and Sister
Massimo Lepore and Silva Steffanelli
Andre Steffanelli and Giovanni Venturi
Laura Hollis
Alex Zyberglait
Jack and Audrey Lamb
Bill Sandefer
Julie Chami
Walt Rudy and Deb
Frank Prendergast and Family
Dan O’Brien
Pat and Alan Lubin
Simon Zhang
Tong Geng and His Family
Ethan Xin
Anne and Earl Grinols
Takashi Yamanaka
Marybelle Hu and Joe
Roseanne Seroka
Noreen Sugrue
Chris and Greco
Steve Magelli
Art Mertes
Gary Brankin
Wendy Evans
Marge Smelstor
Mike, Nancy and Andrew Tokarz
Paul and Anka Tucker
Mike and Carol Hatfield
Fraser Kinnear
William Lu
Michelle and Michael Bilardello
Micki Luttman and Kayla Luttman
Carolyn Hopp
Gian Castarelli
Paula Davenport
Sean and O’Kelly
Jason Park
Paul Jr., Dalia, and Paul III
Merrell, Kevin, Emily
Jeannie Smekofski
Leopoldo Magelli


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