Tong Geng and His Family

Tong Geng and His Family are from Shanghai, China.  Three years ago in Shanghai, one of our PhD graduates asked me to have lunch with his friend who turned out to be Tong’s Dad Tutu Geng, the President of _________________________ Bank in Shanghai.   I did not know any of this at the time; during lunch he indicated that he had a son at Illinois; would I be willing to contact him.  I agreed and sent Tong an email telling him I had met his Dad in Shanghai.  Tong waltzed into my office and said, “I know you Professor Magelli; I had you for Macroeconomics”.  Small world.   Tong then took my class in Entrepreneurship and was my teaching assistant when I taught in Shanghai last summer.  Tong will pursue his PhD in Economics in a year; he and his Dad spent Christmas with us in Omaha last year.  His Mother, ____________________, teaches Business at Shanghai University.  The family entertained us in the private dining room at the Bank of China last summer and we also had tea at the home of one of China’s most famous artists.


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