Paul Jr., Dalia, and Paul III

Paul Jr., Dalia, and Paul III:  It’s hard to believe that Paul Jr. will have been a project for 50 years in a few months.   His first enterprise was founded in our basement at 633 N. Doreen, Wichita, Kansas.  His B.S. and M.S. in mathematics and computer science (respectively) and later an MBA from Kellogg led him to Bell Labs and his first enterprise, STEP—Software to Educate People; he founded two $100 million businesses in Lucent before creating Apertio that sold to Nokia Siemens three years ago.  Modestly and get this one—Paul changed the telephony industry (it’s trillions of dollars) from a hardward-driven to a software-driven industry.  His new enterprise, Pervasive Informatics will be launched in a few months.  Dalia is a graduate from the U of I, then completed a Masters at Northwestern—she is an accomplished artist; then completed the Doctor of _________________ and is gearing up to complete the EMBA this fall.  Paul III attends the British-American School in Chicago—he’s one of the joys of my life.  He won his first chess competition at 7.


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