Mike, Nancy and Andrew Tokarz

Mike, Nancy and Andrew Tokarz without showing bias and as I told them in Castel are the “REAL” reason there is a Casa Magelli in Castel.  I made a “cold call” two decades ago to Mike when he served as Partner and Administrative Manager of KKR (Kohler, Kravis, and Roberts), New York City—the world’s most significant leveraged buyout business   Mike, some of the gurus in the sector estimate, has done over one billion (that’s correct billion) dollar’s worth of acquisition deals. Andrew, later, was my student and “never missed a class” in my 8 a.m. Macroeconomics course.  Mike was the initial investor in Paul Jr’s. business, Apertio that was acquired by Nokia-Siemens three years ago.  Nancy also is an entrepreneur—she rescues and restores important and often deserted homes on the East Coast.  Andrew, an alum of the U of I, is back in New York—we-Dalia and I—are working to persuade Andrew to pursue the Physician’s Assistant professional degree.  Our family has often discussed what “our lives would have been without the Tokarz’”.


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