Merrell, Kevin, Emily

Merrell, Kevin, Emily: Kevin is our NPSIL—by now you know what the acronym stands for;  graduate and licensed architect from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln)—this will test our25-year love affair (for those who don’t know, Cornhuskers in the Big Ten)—and a graduate of the UNL Law School.  He is a legal entrepreneur and has his own practice focused on the construction, housing, building sector.   Merrell, do you know how hard this is to put into writing—also holds a B.S. in Chemistry and a A.B. in Music Performance, Violin and is a Doctor of Pharmacy.  Her professional resume is stunning and she is about to launch Magelli Pharmaceuticals.  She has played in the World Youth Orchestra at Interlochen, ranks in the top 10 elite women in water skiing (trick)—it’s important to have life-threatening hobbies; has owned two world champion horses—Black Diamond, five-gait and Yikes, I Yellow, a golden palamino; and recently sold her co—owned business, Global VetMed.  They live on Castel Estates, in home designed by Kevin, Pappillion, Nebraska.  Emily is about to become a teen-ager and has several horses, Kisses and Tommy and has ridden in the World’s in Louisville, Kentucky and the elite Royal in Kansas City (and recently won big-time in Denver, Colorado).  She is the other gift in our life.


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