Lane and Meredith Soelberg

Lane and Meredith Soelberg are Illini living in Santa Monica, California.   Lane and Meredith wrote this following email and I trust they won’t mind my sharing it with you—it is an answer to “why we choose to teach”:





I can’t put into words what a fun, amazing and touching experience we had on the Castel di Casio trip.


Meredith and I continue to be amazed by you, Karolyn, and your two amazing kids…you are all an inspiration in so many ways.  It meant so much to us to just be invited to the festivities.


As my economics teacher (22 years ago…really?) you nurtured my first entrepreneurial spark and got me thinking about things in ways that few other teachers have.  And in the MBA program, you further ignited the passion and appreciation for applying learning, while opening entirely new doors of opportunity for Meredith.  


Thank you for teaching us how to LEARN and see new horizons.


Being able to attend your 50th wedding anniversary was such a wonderful celebration, and we got to witness you and Karolyn together again dancing on the piazza.  This time, we also heard more from PJ and Meme, and their efforts at putting the new residence in Castel together and being incredibly gracious hosts to both friends and new acquaintances were just more examples of how all the Magelli’s are open, warm, and generous to those in your world.  


Thank you for teaching us how to LOVE.


And your passionate pursuit of what others would deem impossible or out of reach…from reversing cardiac disease, running the Olympic Torch, tackling Kilimanjaro, to being a champion for great ideas and the people behind them…


Thank you for teaching us how to LIVE.


And most of all, thank you for your friendship and support over the years.  It means so much to us.


We love you.


Your students in life,


Lane & Meredith Soelberg


I affectionately refer to them as my first “two for the price of one MBA”.  Meredith who held a Masters in Physical Therapy from Northwestern was being the consummate wife by having Lane complete his MBA first.  I would have none of it—and thought why not try something different.  They represent the “Illini Nation” nobly and it is an honor to call them “my students”.


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