Cheroll Dossett and Sister

Cheroll Dossett (and her Sister________): I took a call one day from “that little girl from Atlanta” (she also hosted a Talk Show on TV) who a few days later had the audacity to buy a one way ticket from Atlanta to Champaign and inform me that “she was enrolling in the Illinois MBA”.  And she did.  She not only did the MBA she also did the joint degree with an M.S. in Educational Administration.  I tutored Cheroll in Microeconomics (DeBrock was the Professor) and she was struggling with concepts like “price elasticity of demand”.  One night I went to office to meet her for our 9 p.m. tutoring session and she was vacuuming the student lounge.  I said, “Cheroll, out of the back room and into the board room”.  And she did exactly that with the State of New York Education Office.  If you are down, call Cheroll—she’s have you up and about in 30 seconds.


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