The Bell Brothers

The Bell Brothers:  I always thank students for allowing me to tamper with their lives—this is a case of tampering with an ENTIRE family.   By age, I had Mike, then Drew and in the fall, Daniel.  I need to meet the parents of these three terrific young men who come from a little town, as I did, in South Central Illinois.  Mike, an entrepreneur, has a company, Fronterion and it is to him that we attribute “TTS” in the book-in-progress, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development.  In the Opportunity Recognition section, TTS, translated ineloquently, is “things that suck”—turning problems into opportunities?  Drew, a Chancellor’s Scholar in the College of Engineering, is on the Illinois Track team; his specialty is the mile—runs it in 4 plus minutes.  Drew, you will need to bring your “A” game if you have any prayer of beating me.   And Daniel, “Baby” Bell, arrives in the fall; he’s enrolled in my Honors Economics Program.  He will be a “private” sector person by December.


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