Steve Vivian and Dr. Tia Rains

Steve Vivian and (Dr.) Tia Rains: An engineering graduate, Karolyn and I met Steve when they bought a duplex down the street from us. Tia is a nutrition specialist; Steve is an entrepreneur. Together with a group of other students founded a company, Mage Technologies (I own the naming rights) while in school and later became involved with The Prism Fund in Chicago that enabled new enterprises to access capital and management. They brought their three daughters; Steve and Alaina sang at Cabaret and deeded the guitar to Casa Magelli. Part of his legacy is that his late Father was CFO of Sears and Steve will be inducted to the Clavell Cardiology Club soon—got it Steve, now. Tia holds the Doctor of Philosophy in Agronomy (Nutrition) from Illinois. Currently she too is an entrepreneur with a consulting business and _______________________.


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