Reflections of a Post-Octogenarian


I am alive but in recovery from the Celebration in Castel Di Casio. It’s now 23 days (it’s a few days later as I continue), a few hours, and a lifetime of memories from those three too brief days in Castel. Paul Jr., Dalia, Paul III, Merrell, Kevin, Emily, and I send our gratitude and affection for braving the distance, the economy, and the last five miles of highway to be with us. We collectively have had our share of vicarious experiences but none exceed the time we shared, the reminiscences, the reasons our paths crossed first crossed and remain connected. Friends from every aspect of my life were there—from my first day in school nearly 75 years ago, then high school, Ottawa, Champaign, Penn, Wichita, Des Moines, Denver, Bristol (U.K.) and Shanghai.

Upon reflection, the most frequent inquiry was “where did that person fit into your life”. For each of you, I know the instance, the very moment—and so many urged me to introduce each of you to each other. I’ll try and feel free to amend. With the professional assistance of Paula Davenport and Ellick Chan who nearly 10,000 pictures and/or videos, this is what I remember. I could write pages about each but I’ll spare you of some of the details.

Speaking of “remembering”, I recall a story from my days at Penn. The President, Gaylord Harnwell, the great physicist who invented sonar that enabled American submarines to go into the Sea of Japan in World War II, asked me one day, “If there was anyone in Philadelphia I would like to meet”. I replied, “Absolutely, Eugene Ormandy, the great conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra”. Later, he invited me to have lunch with him. We met at the Penn Faculty Club and it was fairly evident after about 15 minutes, that the Conductor was particularly thrilled. Dr. Harnwell too felt the silence and asked Mr. Ormandy if he wished to be excused. Ormandy quickly apologized and said he was still reeling from the bad review of the previous evening’s performance by a now deceased (but great) Russian pianist. Harnwell knowing that the pianist then was an octogenarian asked “Where you upset with the passages he forgot” and Ormandy snapped back, “No, I was upset with the passages he remembered”. We all laughed and had a memorable two hour lunch. Keep this in mind if you read on, “what I remember is what I remember”.

The Todd Leach Family: Todd played football at Illinois and one summer day presented himself in an off-white suit (that’s where the idea came from group) to “sell me on the idea of admitting him to the Illinois MBA Program”. If he were my son, I would have named him “Mr. Goodbar”. What a genuinely good young man. After about two sentences I took, “Dud, you are admitted—don’t sweat it”. And a great young man he is; his wife is a physician—a pain specialist and Todd is an entrepreneur. To have his entire family with him, is a testimony to who they are.

John and Widad Mueller: John will have completed his Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship by the time this account gets to you. An S.M.U. graduate, golf champion, musician, he visited campus one miserably hot day with a suit and tie—I handed him an Illinois T-shirt and said once you get comfortable let’s talk. John completed the MBA at Illinois during which time he spent time in South Africa on a project for ___________________. Widad, an artist, originally from Lebanon, was with him; he had just come from Kuwait where they met. John is a serial entrepreneur, founded Golf Solutions. com, among other enterprises. He will be a GREAT teacher.

Steve Vivian and (Dr.) Tia Rains: An engineering graduate, Karolyn and I met Steve when they bought a duplex down the street from us. Tia is a nutrition specialist; Steve is an entrepreneur. Together with a group of other students founded a company, Mage Technologies (I own the naming rights) while in school and later became involved with The Prism Fund in Chicago that enabled new enterprises to access capital and management. They brought their three daughters; Steve and Alaina sang at Cabaret and deeded the guitar to Casa Magelli. Part of his legacy is that his late Father was CFO of Sears and Steve will be inducted to the Clavell Cardiology Club soon—got it Steve, now. Tia holds the Doctor of Philosophy in Agronomy (Nutrition) from Illinois. Currently she too is an entrepreneur with a consulting business and _______________________.

Jim and Christie Lynch: I initially met Jim at a GMAC recruiting fair in Chicago. A Purdue grad, he and Christie spent a Sunday afternoon in my office deciding if the Illinois MBA was a fit. I can’t remember what I said but it was something to effect that “I hope he wasn’t wasting one of my Sundays”. He came and later told me he lived for the day that he could work for Mike Tokarz—which he does; Christie puts up admirably with his idiosyncrasies and we share a love for musical theatre. It turned out that later we discovered that I had admitted Jim’s Mother to the College of LAS when I was Associate Dean there and his Father was once CFO for Target (these CFO kids keep showing up). Jim is a member of the Clavell Cardiology Club and Christie, Jim needs to get on a regular exercise program!! P.S. If you have the occasion to be with Jim, don’t mention the world “blood” unless you are prepared to resuscitate him.

The Bell Brothers: I always thank students for allowing me to tamper with their lives—this is a case of tampering with an ENTIRE family. By age, I had Mike, then Drew and in the fall, Daniel. I need to meet the parents of these three terrific young men who come from a little town, as I did, in South Central Illinois. Mike, an entrepreneur, has a company, Fronterion and it is to him that we attribute “TTS” in the book-in-progress, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development. In the Opportunity Recognition section, TTS, translated ineloquently, is “things that suck”—turning problems into opportunities? Drew, a Chancellor’s Scholar in the College of Engineering, is on the Illinois Track team; his specialty is the mile—runs it in 4 plus minutes. Drew, you will need to bring your “A” game if you have any prayer of beating me. And Daniel, “Baby” Bell, arrives in the fall; he’s enrolled in my Honors Economics Program. He will be a “private” sector person by December.

Ellick Chan: Ellick just completed his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and his MBA as well. He’s thinking about an M.D. program. As one of the very select Siebel Fellows, he too has entrepreneurial persuasions. His colleagues and I agree that “we are not certain what he will do but we ARE certain it will be something significant”. Ellick tracks the number of intersections in our human network. He took over 8,500 pictures plus videos at the Celebration. I hope he’ll do a documentary.

Eric and Jennie Chen: Eric emerged out the shadow of an older Illinois MBA brother, Cameron. When he was admitted to the MBA program, one of the faculty offered, “Magelli, he’s so young”. I replied, “Give me a year with me, I’ll age him”. Eric is one of our most modest, accomplished graduates—after just a few years, he’s in a leadership position in P & G; he has the “perfect” wife in Jennie, also a P & G associate. He affectionately writes to us as “Papa and Mama Magelli” and we are never without the latest yet-to-be-released P & G products”.

Ginette and Carl Adamson: When I became Dean of Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Wichita State University in 1969, two relatively new members of the faculty were Ginette, in French (she’s also an artist) and Carl, in German. Ginette, originally from Haiti writes about Francophone Women Writers. Both were educational entrepreneurs and brought creative programs to the College. After Peter’s death, Ginette was a charter member of Magelli’s Faculty Fitness Club—we jogged every morning at 5 a.m. in Henry Levitt Arena. Ginette being the younger, tried to intimidate me with her speed and attempted to claim the outer lane on the track—I’ll let her tell me my response as I heard this voice in French, proclaim, “track, track”. I told her I wasn’t Dean until 8 a.m. and I was not moving over. They now live in Strasburg, France.

Frank and Tina Kastor: As Dean, I appointed Frank who at the time was at Northern Illinois University as Chair of the Department of English—the largest department in the College. Imagine, a Chairman of an English department who is still friends with the former Dean; if you think this odd, you don’t know English departments. Frank managed them masterfully; as scholar of 15th century English literature continues to research and publish; Tina is a linguist, who I also appointed to the faculty. If I remember correctly, she was the first person to be appointed to the faculty with this specialization; her research focuses on applied language studies—understanding literacy and linguistic development (yes, the English department ‘actually’ agreed on appointments for both of them).

Kip and Sylvia Campbell: Karolyn and I are forever indebted to them for their friendship when I was an American Council on Education Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. We lived a row house or two apart; they introduced us to terrific people from LaSalle, Temple, and Villanova. One of my most visual memories of Kip was “reading apps” for admission to Penn—the “yes” and the “no” stacks. Kip later served as President of Point Park College in Pittsburgh and then he and Sylvia established a business—again entrepreneurs. We manage to meet from time to time—in Montreal when Paul Jr. was on the World Firework Championship team, in Des Moines, Chicago, Champaign, and Castel. Yes, they are Steeler fans!!

Alfredo, Maria and Christina Clavell: Alfredo and Maria are physicians at Mayo Clinic; Maria specializes in Endocrinology and Alfredo is in Cardiology, specifically in Heart Failure and Heart Transplant. Christina will be a junior at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. I am pleased to have the care that Alfredo provides and the Clavell Cardiology Club—their collective generosity and professionalism is testimony to the fundamental goodness of humankind. They are family. Both are a cell phone call away—it just doesn’t get any better than this. Each of you might be interested to learn that just this year, over 50 persons have had “mechanical” hearts implanted, something we just don’t hear much about these days; just imagine the difference this has made in the hundreds of lives related to these persons.

Iris and Burt Swanson: Karolyn and I have been with them for nearly 50 years; the annual trips, the memories, the laughs, the political debates, the “back seat driving”. Iris, who directed Cabaret in Castel is talented and generous; Burt is an internationally known economist who travels to impoverished countries to teach them how to increase, harvest, and distribute food (risking as he has on several occasions E coli)—most recently to Liberia, Ethiopia, Rwanda. Hardly a week goes by where we and they are delivery us or them to the airport. Somehow, they keep on having more grandchildren—it’s not fair.

Mike and Rebecca Ditmore: From Santa Barbara, California. Rob Valli who Courtney Price introduced me to, in turn, introduced me to Mike Ditmore. Mike is a serial entrepreneur; headed one of the very first and innovative incubators in Santa Barbara; we worked together to assist Los Alamos commercialize their intellectual property; with Rob, Mike and Lucy Cargill (of the family) Stitzer conceptualized one of the first businesses, Globex, to identify and accelerate the commercialization of intellectual property on a national basis. In 2008 he co-founded and serves as executive director of Novim, a Santa Barbara nonprofit research group which studies global scientific issues, and their impact on society.

The Rob Gillio Family: Rob out did Steve Vivian by bringing his four daughters, his dear wife Beth (and see below for the rest of the entourage) live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A Mayo-trained pulmonary surgeon, Rob is a serial inventor, innovator, and entrepreneur. Rob climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with us and actually reached the top (I will provide NO details—buy the book) and cared diligently for Paul Jr. and me. I am on the Board of his company, Innerlink that has great promise. Beth is a Mayo-trained nutritionist and his four daughters are in various stages of their college and medical school careers. He holds the patents for the da Vinci robotic surgery procedure, among others. We have adopted them.

Victoria Gillio and Family: I read an article about an attorney who has just won a case in the Illinois Supreme Court; at the time I, as President of Parkland College; I was looking for an Attorney to assist me with a multitude of “personnel” issues (actually this is the first time I have ever stated this in writing but she can ATTEST to the “multitude”). That’s history but I remain indebted to her for her integrity, grit, and counsel (I caution you not to collide with this five feet of wisdom). Our friendship spans two decades—she brought five other members of her family (in addition to Brother Rob). Her Mother __________, was with us and I will take this moment to thank her for these two children who are a part of my life).

Ellie and Charlie Tewksbury: I can’t believe that I do not remember how long I’ve worked with Ellie. I do know that she was a student when I was at Parkland—wish I would have known her then! She came to the MBA program and organized the administrative offices; when I asked Ellie to travel oversees, it was the first time I saw her a bit daunted; she, later, traveled all over the world with me recruiting MBA students. I’ll recount one in particular—in Shanghai when about 2,000 prospective students attended a session we scheduled. I doubt that there is anyone on the face of this planet that could have managed that evening but she did, I survived, and we were on to the next site in Taipei. Ellie called to ask if she could assist us with the Celebration and we are in her debt for her skills, energy, and unflappable management. Ellie, welcome to my world. Charlie, incidentally, managed a nuclear plant (and I am not describing Ellie). Together they have 7 daughters and are still relatively sane.

Larry and Cindy DeBrock: I knew of Larry DeBrock about 20 years ago when I started teaching Economics in the MBA Program; I knew him because forget about winning “a best teaching award”—this guy had it (and still has it) locked up. We first worked together when the MBA program was being “re-engineered” and he led the very innovative, integrated first-year program. We shared a quiet respect for each other and I’ll fast forward to two plus years ago when he was appointed Dean—that respect has grown and to have his leadership at a time when there has been so much uncertainty is fortuitous for the College and the University. It turns out he hails from Manlius, Illinois just a few miles from where my Dad worked in the Cherry mine. They turn out good people from those parts. Cindy who has had a long professional administrative career at Illinois is the gyroscope. It was great to have their son Joe and their daughter, Katie, who will be in my Economics Honors course this fall. I am looking forward to learning some of her Father’s prize-winning techniques.

Rob and Amanda Valli: As I indicated elsewhere, I have known Rob Valli for over 20 years when he was with Montgomery Securities. I call Rob, “Effie” for effervescence—he has more energy per corpuscle than any person I know. Rob completed his Ph.D. at Cambridge (I should add that he is an alum of UC/Berkeley and Stanford) several years ago and currently is with Illinois Business Consulting (IBC)—the largest student-managed fee-for-service consulting firm in an American University. Rob is “globally connected”—trust me. His daughter Amanda is an aspiring actress in musical theatre. Keep on eye on her career. It was special to have her at Cabaret. Thank you Amanda.

Deepak Winston lives in London; he came to the Illinois MBA as an exchange student about 11 years ago; then completed an Illinois degree. Paul Jr. was in London with Lucent at the time; he called an urgently needed “a project”—a complicated financial model, etc., for a bid from British Telecom. I put a team on the project; Paul later flew the team to London; they worked for two solid weeks; Lucent “won” the contract. Later, Paul hired Deepak and he has been with Lucent for over a decade. One remainder, Rob, Andrew, Ron W., Leizel, etc—Lucent paid in addition to the team’s expenses, $100,000 for the project (in 2000 dollars)—I look forward to losing the record.

Lane and Meredith Soelberg are Illini living in Santa Monica, California. Lane and Meredith wrote this following email and I trust they won’t mind my sharing it with you—it is an answer to “why we choose to teach”:


I can’t put into words what a fun, amazing and touching experience we had on the Castel di Casio trip.

Meredith and I continue to be amazed by you, Karolyn, and your two amazing kids…you are all an inspiration in so many ways. It meant so much to us to just be invited to the festivities.

As my economics teacher (22 years ago…really?) you nurtured my first entrepreneurial spark and got me thinking about things in ways that few other teachers have. And in the MBA program, you further ignited the passion and appreciation for applying learning, while opening entirely new doors of opportunity for Meredith.

Thank you for teaching us how to LEARN and see new horizons.

Being able to attend your 50th wedding anniversary was such a wonderful celebration, and we got to witness you and Karolyn together again dancing on the piazza. This time, we also heard more from PJ and Meme, and their efforts at putting the new residence in Castel together and being incredibly gracious hosts to both friends and new acquaintances were just more examples of how all the Magelli’s are open, warm, and generous to those in your world.

Thank you for teaching us how to LOVE.

And your passionate pursuit of what others would deem impossible or out of reach…from reversing cardiac disease, running the Olympic Torch, tackling Kilimanjaro, to being a champion for great ideas and the people behind them…

Thank you for teaching us how to LIVE.

And most of all, thank you for your friendship and support over the years. It means so much to us.

We love you.

Your students in life,

Lane & Meredith Soelberg

I affectionately refer to them as my first “two for the price of one MBA”. Meredith who held a Masters in Physical Therapy from Northwestern was being the consummate wife by having Lane complete his MBA first. I would have none of it—and thought why not try something different. They represent the “Illini Nation” nobly and it is an honor to call them “my students”.

Deryk and Camille Gilmore: Speaking of two-for-one, Camille and Deryk have three degrees from Illinois despite the fact that he played football for Joe Paterno. They live in Atlanta, Georgia; Camille holds a Senior Administrative post with Boston Scientific and Deryk, another entrepreneur has a firm advising athletes. As role models for their two sons, they have established a Foundation that assists “inner-city” youth attend Sports Camps. Camille previously served as Director of Admissions of the Illinois MBA Program and Daryl was Director of Football Operations at Illinois and later at the University of Oregon.

Daryl and Sam Detwiler: We met in Wichita when Daryl enrolled in an Honors Economics course; this was an extraordinary class that Karolyn and I entertained in our home—that was four decades ago; we have managed to see each other about every year despite their living in Seattle, Washington. Daryl has actually flown to wherever we live to care for our teeth; he insisted that IF I die, I will do so with 28 teeth!! Sam, one of the most beautiful human beings we know, just retired as a nurse in the U.S. Navy; they have four exceptional children and the last one, Tom, the baby, who is expecting his fourth child will soon complete a goal we set a few years—all of them will have Ph.D.’s. Daryl has been on a diet and in training for nearly 50 years—he’s the most well-read person on human conditioning I know; Daryl let me know when you want to do five miles with me.

Emilio and Valeria Grilli: Valeria is the daughter of the late Silvana ___________________, who together with her late sister Ceasarina (who I always thought to be the “governess” of Castel and lived in the home just across from Tina’s restaurant—now the home of Massimo and Silva) met Karolyn, Merrell, and me in Rome for the very first time. We spent a memorable day walking the streets of Rome—the beginning of one of the

The American Airlines Contingent: Fly first class!! It’s possible if you respect the counter agents, the flight attendants, TSA personnel. Amanda, Lizzie Rose (with Dave Ellman), Andrea Gregg (and her Aunt ___________) have been taking care of Karolyn and me for years. It was so special to have them with us—a turn at taking of those who look after us. One of the emotional moments, among the hundreds I had in Castel, was when they presented the family with a cherry tree-some day Emily and Paul III will pick cherries from the American Airlines Memorial Cherry Tree in Castel Di Casio. They are examples of “best practices” and “caring for the customer”.

Cheroll Dossett (and her Sister________): I took a call one day from “that little girl from Atlanta” (she also hosted a Talk Show on TV) who a few days later had the audacity to buy a one way ticket from Atlanta to Champaign and inform me that “she was enrolling in the Illinois MBA”. And she did. She not only did the MBA she also did the joint degree with an M.S. in Educational Administration. I tutored Cheroll in Microeconomics (DeBrock was the Professor) and she was struggling with concepts like “price elasticity of demand”. One night I went to office to meet her for our 9 p.m. tutoring session and she was vacuuming the student lounge. I said, “Cheroll, out of the back room and into the board room”. And she did exactly that with the State of New York Education Office. If you are down, call Cheroll—she’s have you up and about in 30 seconds.

Massimo Lepore and Silva Steffanelli: Massimo is our cousin through marriage to Silva, the eldest child of Maria (one of the two best cooks in Emilia-Romana) and the late John Pietro, who was our first cousin (the son of our Aunt _____________, my Father’s sister. He is an architect-engineer with offices in Venice and Bologna and led the restoration of Casa Magelli. Massimo will be holding a seminar at Casa Magelli in the fall for Mayors from region to inform them about restoration, creativity and technology in rescuing some of the important historical structures in the region. Silva holds the doctorate in Law from the University of Bologna and has an active practice in Bologna; their son, Guido just passed his national exams for entrance into secondary school in the Fall.

Andre Steffanelli and Giovanni Venturi: Andre is the brother of Silva and the son of John Pietro. Karolyn, Merrell and I first met Andre in Rome in 1987—the moment I saw him step off of the train, I knew exactly who he was. Andre, as his Sister, holds the Doctorate in Law from the University of Bologna and has a Corporate Law Office in Bologna. His spouse, Giovanni was the gracious host and tour leader of Venturi Art, one of the most prestigious foundries in the world. Founded by her late Father, her Mother, Aunt, and Sister—four women entrepreneurs lead the enterprise that continues to use techniques introduced hundreds of years ago. Recently one of their major sculptures was brought to the U.N. Building in New York City. They have two children, Julia and ____________.

Laura Hollis: currently directs the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship at Notre Dame. I met Laura about 10 years ago when she served as Associate Director of the Technology Entrepreneurship Center in the College of Engineering. She is an intellectual powerhouse and an accomplished writer. I told Laura that despite the fact that her Father’s newspaper used to take me to task in their editorials, being her colleague was more important. We have a collaboration underway—an introductory, perhaps the first, textbook in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development.

Alex Zyberglait brought his parents from Miami, Florida where he is an executive in a global real estate firm. Karolyn and our children really regard Alex as one of our adopted children. He is incredibly thoughtful—every Christmas, Easter, Mother and Dad’s Day, our birthdays, Alex is on the phone to us. He did his undergraduate work at UCLA and it took some persuading to convince him to come to Illinois. We are so pleased—he recently married _______________, a physician from Peru. Immigration would not grant her a special petition to attend the party despite the fact that I told the immigration officer that I was terminally ill—which my dear friends, we all are.

Jack and Audrey Lamb from Dallas, Texas. I met Audrey on the MBA recruiting trails; we referred students to each other; she was at S.M.U. at the time; I learned a great deal about recruiting MBA students from Audrey. She then met Jack Lamb which was good for her and good for me—I didn’t have to compete against her for students. I’d suggest you call on them in Dallas if you can find them home but I think they have a goal of visiting all 192 countries in the world if don’t include the Vatican and Kosovo. Audrey celebrated an important birthday in Florence. Happy Belated Birthday Audrey.

Bill Sandefer and ___________: Another competitor. Bill heads the MBA program at Tulane University and it appeared that they had more scholarship money than any program on the floor at the MBA recruitment fairs. Like Audrey, we competed but became lifelong friends. He and ____________ have a huge, beautiful home in New Orleans and you are ALL invited. One think I remember about Bill is his willingness to try about anything in the way of food and Ellie will testify to this—remember the night in Shanghai he ate that creature that stung me. We were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hu, the biological parents of our adopted Chinese daughter, Vivian who currently lives in Washington, D.C. (and also is an Illinois MBA). If all goes well, they will be “neighbors” of ours in Castel!!

Julie Chami is completing her Ph.D. at Cambridge University. Born in Syria, she immigrated first to Hungry and then to Illinois. She initially enrolled in my macroeconomics course; then I directed her Senior Honors paper (I think I persuaded her to transfer out of Political Science to Economics) and then won a coveted scholarship for all of her doctoral work. Julie is the Founder of “Entrepreneurs without Borders” for which the U of I holds the global trademark. She blew into my office one day with the idea; we called Dr. Slovica Singer who I worked with in Croatia in a matter of weeks, 20 of our students spent two weeks in Croatia in Josef _________________________University, that became the first international charter program. Julie is working the economics of infectious diseases in Africa.

Walt Rudy and Deb ___________ served as the Student Trustee at Parkland College when I was offered the position of President. Walt, bless him, stuck with me through thick and thin, mostly the latter. He then transferred to the College of Business and subsequently completed the MBA degree. They currently live in Ohio and he is a balloonist. I do not like heights—I don’t have a fear, I just don’t like heights but to calm Walt down I agreed to a balloon ride and he really was the inspiration for balloon rides at the Celebration. Our friendship spans 20 years and I remain eternally grateful for the opportunity to leave Colorado to come “home”. Thanks Walt.

Frank Prendergast and Family. Frank is an M.D./PhD. and one, if not, THE most intelligent person I know. I met Frank a few years ago when he invited me to a private dinner with the now President of Mayo Clinic, Dr. John Noseworthy, a neurologist, to discuss, “Customized Medicine”. Ironically, the U of I also was discussing a collaborative research program with Mayo Clinic (and it since has been implemented) and thus began this special collaboration. I introduced Frank to the Kauffman Foundation and hopefully a collaboration will emerge. Frank is internationally known, he headed The Cancer Center at Mayo (most likely founded it), serves on important national boards and is always available for a telephone call. I wished his son had made that goal against the Italians in soccer.

Dan O’Brien came into our lives on Christmas Eve Day about 35 years ago. His late Father was shopping in Karolyn’s Father’s Business, John and Joe Florist, Streator, Illinois; I was waiting on customers (taking a Christmas break from being Dean) and we thought we knew each other from my previous life in Ottawa, Illinois (Magelli Brothers Markets); he told me about “this son of his”; I said let’s have lunch; we did and two weeks later Dan enrolled at Wichita State University. Dan thought Karolyn and me things about ourselves we didn’t know—he’s a GREAT teacher. Fast forward to 2011 where he is a very successful entrepreneur in Normal, Illinois and proprietor of Extreme Motors. Dan is the Most Lovable Kid in the world—even more than Alex. And he prefers that you drive a Nissan.

Pat and Alan Lubin of St. Louis, Missouri. Bless Alan, at 88 years young, he made the trek to where he and Pat spent their honeymoon. Pat and her “older” sister Betty were bookends, that is, I was in first grade, Betty second, and Pat kindergarten. We “WALKED” to school; I said five miles a day; Pat says three so we agreed on four. Pat is an artist and brought me an ink drawing she did of the mine where my Dad worked for 46 years. It will hang in the house in Castel just a block from where my Dad was born. Can you imagine reminiscing about school when it was 74 years ago!!

Simon Zhang graduated from the Illinois MBA Program; he has four Master degrees and just adopted two boys—they are so blessed to have Simon for a Father. A Professor who shall remain nameless called me one day and asked “if I had any students who could meet his expectations”—that’s not exactly what he said but it conveys what he wanted me to understand. I suggested Simon and now Simon is a Partner in a firm that manages nearly $100 billion; moreover, he just started his own “angel investment fund”. Simon is the epitome of modesty and goodness.

Tong Geng and His Family are from Shanghai, China. Three years ago in Shanghai, one of our PhD graduates asked me to have lunch with his friend who turned out to be Tong’s Dad Tutu Geng, the President of _________________________ Bank in Shanghai. I did not know any of this at the time; during lunch he indicated that he had a son at Illinois; would I be willing to contact him. I agreed and sent Tong an email telling him I had met his Dad in Shanghai. Tong waltzed into my office and said, “I know you Professor Magelli; I had you for Macroeconomics”. Small world. Tong then took my class in Entrepreneurship and was my teaching assistant when I taught in Shanghai last summer. Tong will pursue his PhD in Economics in a year; he and his Dad spent Christmas with us in Omaha last year. His Mother, ____________________, teaches Business at Shanghai University. The family entertained us in the private dining room at the Bank of China last summer and we also had tea at the home of one of China’s most famous artists.

Ethan Xin also is from Shanghai and is pursuing a dual degree at Illinois in Business and in Engineering. Tong introduced me to Ethan whose Father has a series of factories in China and his Mother is a physician. They too entertained us last year in China. Ethan is my TA in the Engineering Technology Commercialization course I teach and get this, he lived alone in an apartment in Chicago from age 13 to pursue his high school diploma. Ethan and Tong are entrepreneurs and will launch an interesting summer program in China next year—only one of three approved by the Chinese government. Ethan and Tong also brought Laurent Liu to the Celebration; he is a student at Washington University/ St. Louis.

Anne and Earl Grinols: Anne and Earl were with me when I received an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree at Bristol University (U.K.), attended our 50th wedding anniversary when Anne observed that I take people on “JOURNEYS”. They are trusted, treasured friends who left positions at Illinois to be Assistant Dean and Distinguished Professor, respectively, at Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Since we last met, they have become Grandparents two times. Earl’s most recent book published by Oxford Press offers a national health plan that is doable; Anne leads creative student initiatives in the Baylor MBA Program. In the summer, you’ll find them at their new cabin in Minnesota.

Takashi Yamanaka and I met at Drake University nearly 30 years ago. From Kofu, Japan in the prefecture of Yamanashi (which at one time had the largest per capita GDP in the world), Takashi involved me in Japanese higher education when I served on the Board of Trustees of Teikyo University in Hachochi. This cluster of universities was owned by the late Dr. Shoichi Okinaga (with degrees from Harvard and Oxford) afforded me the opportunity to introduce Karolyn, Paul Jr., Merrell and Kevin to the Japanese culture and country. He brought his friends, __________________ and________________ to Castel to rethink so many of the incredible Japanese experiences.

Marybelle Hu and Joe are from Shanghai, China and __________, Ireland. Marybelle, is a seasoned entrepreneur—visit Hu and Hu Antiques in Shanghai, is a graduate of Smith College, plays a mean hand of bridge (I actually met her through my sister Terry who when she lived in Shanghai befriended Marybelle), and can show you the “real” Shanghai. Marybelle organized an incredible panel of entrepreneurs and lectured to the EMBA students during our China trip. Joe_________________

Roseanne Seroka was a bridesmaid in our wedding almost 53 years ago; her late husband Joe was a great friends who like me decided to pursue a college degree some years after he graduated from high school; he made Bronze Tablet—one of the top 1% of students in his class. Actually, Roseanne is the sister of Karolyn’s former significant other; she and the family were the closest of friends. Roseanne brought her daughter Jamie and her husband Mike both graduates of Drake University’s—Jamie from Drake’s excellent College of Pharmacy and Mike is an actuarial; they live in East Moline, Illinois.

Noreen Sugrue is a Professor of __________________in the College of ___________________. We worked together last year when the University hosted Dr. Muhammed Yunus, Noble Peace Prize Laureate. Noreen is leading an initiative ___________________________________________________________________________. ______________________joined her as did Pam Voitik, ____________________________________,

Ellen Jacobsen, Noah Isserman and Molly _____________came to Castel from a family reunion in Norway. Ellen (Dr. Jacobsen) is THE dermatologist in Champaign; Noah, her son, is completing his PhD at Cambridge University in ______________________. He lectured in my Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development course this fall—a stellar presentation. Molly, his significant other, is ______________________________________.

Chris and _____ Greco: Chris completed his EMBA several years ago; currently he wears two hats—with his Father-in-Law, he is with the Lamborghini automobile agency in Chicago in case any of you have a Lamborghini inclination. A year ago, Chris was able to get Karolyn, me and 25 of our LEAD students into the factory in Italy; unfortunately the week before the scheduled visit, they informed us that “they were taking the week-off: “this is called ‘the Italian Way’”. We learned that as we planned the Celebration. Chris is an entrepreneur and has a fledgling new enterprise, “CFO-ANYWHERE” (this is free PR to help our graduates become ‘established’. _______________ , if the Kilimanjaro Climb is a go, plans to join us to raise money and awareness for MS. How unthoughtful of me to never ask, “Do you drive one?”

Steve Magelli is the son of my late brother Steve Magelli. In reality, I owe my career to him and his late wife Betty who during their first year of marriage took me into their home almost 200 miles from my parents. As a result I went to a first-class high school, stayed in the brothers’ business and left to enroll at Illinois after 11 years. Steve is an Illinois alum as is his wife, Nancy; they live in Tucson, Arizona where Steve, a Civil Engineer has become a convert to the Arizona Wildcats. Like his daughter, Amanda, he loves softball and even at this age continues to play. Nancy and their friends, ___________________________, were first time visitors to Italy (and Europe)—I plan to have Paula and Steve organize a Magelli Cousins Reunion in Castel.

Art Mertes brought his wife ___________ and their daughter, together with their friends, ____________________________ and their ________________ to Castel. Art is a joint degree Illinois MBA and JD and is a principal in Synergy Law, a firm that has legally supported an innumerable number of new enterprises including Apertio, Paul Jr. initiative. I can tell you exactly where Art sat in my Economics course; he is an alum leader of Acacia, his social fraternity and

Gary Brankin is a Dentist from Rockford, Illinois who we met through Dr. Daryl Detwiler, the two having been classmates at Loyola Dental School in Chicago. Along with Daryl despite our schedules manage to see each nearly every year. Gary is a superb pilot, in fact, built a home at the Rockford airport. Gary is a member of the Clavell Cardiology Club having had by-pass a year ago and another of mine my medical advisees whether he asks for it at night and he’s doing terrific. We met his significant other, ___________________,for the first time and wish the best to them.

Wendy Evans is a colleague who currently is _______________________________ in the College of Engineering. Previously, Wend and I worked together in the MBA program until she moved to the University Housing Division where she was responsible for placing every new student in University dormitories. Wendy is an elite golfer so ask for a handicap when you join her foursome. You all mostly likely met Wendy who came to the Celebration specifically to help Karolyn, Manumela, me and our family with the hundreds of logistical issues—and managed to do so with Ellie and Manumela and do so flawlessly.

Marge Smelstor and I were together and the Ewing M. Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City. As some of you know, the Foundation the Global Mecca of Entrepreneurship. Marge holds a PhD in English, has been a Professor, Dean, Provost and Chancellor—at the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC). Later she served as Vice President of the Truman Medical Complex where she _________________ And in Marge’s case if she engages you in a game of tennis—again, ask for a handicap. She came to Castel from Wimbledon—got it!! I will have the nice of her friend, Barb Stevens, in my Entrepreneurship class this fall. Thanks for the referral Barb—this keeps the circles going.

Mike, Nancy and Andrew Tokarz without showing bias and as I told them in Castel are the “REAL” reason there is a Casa Magelli in Castel. I made a “cold call” two decades ago to Mike when he served as Partner and Administrative Manager of KKR (Kohler, Kravis, and Roberts), New York City—the world’s most significant leveraged buyout business Mike, some of the gurus in the sector estimate, has done over one billion (that’s correct billion) dollar’s worth of acquisition deals. Andrew, later, was my student and “never missed a class” in my 8 a.m. Macroeconomics course. Mike was the initial investor in Paul Jr’s. business, Apertio that was acquired by Nokia-Siemens three years ago. Nancy also is an entrepreneur—she rescues and restores important and often deserted homes on the East Coast. Andrew, an alum of the U of I, is back in New York—we-Dalia and I—are working to persuade Andrew to pursue the Physician’s Assistant professional degree. Our family has often discussed what “our lives would have been without the Tokarz’”.

Paul and Anka Tucker and I met just one time before seeing them again in Castel—it was in the private boxes at Memorial Stadium. Mike Hatfield introduced us to them when we learned them have an olive orchard and other business interests in Pistoia, just 20 miles south of Castel. When we were having difficulty locating tables and chairs, Paul came through for us. In future trips, we will visit their place in a region of Italy that has the world’s most interesting nurseries (trees, plants, etc.) Paul and Anka and their friends visited Castel one Sunday before the Celebration to learn that “the village was deeply involved in ‘making’ preparations for what the village termed “Festive Americano”.

Mike and Carol Hatfield from Champaign, Illinois; we belong to the same parish, St. Matthews and Mike for a few decades headed various departments in the Athletic Department at the University. Currently, Mike is Director of Development at St. John’s Catholic Newman Center on the campus of the University—the world’s largest Catholic Student Center. His goal is to create a significant Endowment and Annual Fund for the Newman Foundation. Mike introduced us to Paul and Anka Tucker.

Fraser Kinnear completed his baccalaureate degrees in __________________ and ___________________________ in 2010. Fraser with his student colleague Mark Paik who currently is doing a post-degree internship in India provided exemplary leadership to catalyze the Entrepreneurs-Without-Borders and extended its reach. ___________. Fraser is a global adventurer; he has back-packed in some of the world’s most remote regions. He is an associate with ___________________________________.

William Lu made the decision to proceed with this plans to come to Castel Di Casio from New York City for “a few hours” when his flights were cancelled and/or delayed. After I assumed responsibility for managing the Illinois MBA program, William was the first “BRILLIANT” student that I convinced to enroll despite offers he had from the top five programs in the nation. During his enrollment, he developed the first MBA student database that subsequently was adopted by other elite programs. He is a partner the prestigious New York Law firm–____________________________________________________.

Michelle and Michael Bilardello are the daughter and son-in-law of Al and Jane Anderson, two of our dearest friends in Champaign. Al is the nephew, by marriage of my second oldest living sister, Jeanette who Karolyn and I brought to Castel as our guests two years ago. We were repaying an old debt: Jeanette and her late husband Tony cared for Paul Jr. and Merrell when they were two years and 9 months ago (respectively) so that Karolyn and I could chaperone the Marching Illini to the Rose Bowl in 1963 (and WE WON!) thanks to Dick Butkus and a few stalwarts like him. The Bilardello’s feel in love with Italy a few years and one of their daughters is spending a part of her summer in Milano.

Micki Luttman and Kayla Luttman are our nearly perfect-son-in-law Kevin’s maternal aunt and niece. Kayla is the ____________________ look-alike and was stopped in Bologna, Venice, Florence, and Rome by movie-mongers. Micki is a retired teacher/counselor who like me is continually “unretired”; she is an avid water skier and Ms. Statue of Liberty every year at the Hansen Lake Fourth of July boat parade. Kayla is the consummate nutritionist and ___________________________. Karolyn and I have spent Christmas Eve at the Luttman home over 20 of the last 24 years.

Carolyn Hopp is the other Carolyn (with a “C”) who is the wonderful Mother of Kevin and by now all of you know who this treasure is. Carolyn comes from a family of teachers—her Father was Superintendent of Schools in Beatrice, Nebraska and one of his employees was the late Dr. Wm. Starkel, the first and only President of Parkland College for 27 years when I followed him in 1987—and retired to become the “Nanny” of our granddaughter Emily. Carolyn traveled with us in China last year; she is the consummate Mother-in-Law.

Gian Castarelli and I met when he made “a cold call” to Illinois Business Consulting (IBC) several years ago. Gian’s spouse was recently granted tenure in the English Department at Illinois so he will be spending more time on campus; our most recent collaboration was to serve as a “sounding” board for a major project he has with the Government of Mexico—providing direction in developing “in-country” consulting expertise to include, perhaps, an “IBC-like organization is a major Mexican University. Gian actually is from Bologna.

Paula Davenport is the eldest child of my late twin brother Peter and my Godchild. Paula currently manages publications at the University of Idaho. Together with her daughter, Kelly, they created the Magelli Family website, Humble Beginnings (go to ________________________). Paula was the person constantly on the move to take over 1,000 pictures of the Celebration. Her work is flawless—she is gifted with a photographic eye. She welcomes your comments on the several websites.

Sean and ______________O’Kelly: Sean is another of the Executive MBA students (from THAT exceptional class); in fact, Sean and ______ , in fact, were on their honeymoon in Castel“—we never did get around to telling them that one of those great cakes had their name on it. Tina told me she froze a piece for them—so you’ll need to return to Castel. Sean is _______________________

Jason Park is Captain Jason Park of the U.S. _______________; he just completed his MBA in the Executive MBA Progam. Jason’s EMBA team’s project in my EMBA course was to summarize the reports of seven other EMBA teams—their work was superb—ask Rob Gillio as it was his enterprise, Innerlink that was the subject of their project. I was able to secure Jason a VIP ticket to the launch of the last Shuttle through Dave Markham, long-time collaborator who is on the Executive Board of Illinois Business Consulting and recently appointed Senior Vice President for Strategy of Lockheed-Martin.

Paul Jr., Dalia, and Paul III: It’s hard to believe that Paul Jr. will have been a project for 50 years in a few months. His first enterprise was founded in our basement at 633 N. Doreen, Wichita, Kansas. His B.S. and M.S. in mathematics and computer science (respectively) and later an MBA from Kellogg led him to Bell Labs and his first enterprise, STEP—Software to Educate People; he founded two $100 million businesses in Lucent before creating Apertio that sold to Nokia Siemens three years ago. Modestly and get this one—Paul changed the telephony industry (it’s trillions of dollars) from a hardward-driven to a software-driven industry. His new enterprise, Pervasive Informatics will be launched in a few months. Dalia is a graduate from the U of I, then completed a Masters at Northwestern—she is an accomplished artist; then completed the Doctor of _________________ and is gearing up to complete the EMBA this fall. Paul III attends the British-American School in Chicago—he’s one of the joys of my life. He won his first chess competition at 7.

Merrell, Kevin, Emily: Kevin is our NPSIL—by now you know what the acronym stands for; graduate and licensed architect from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln)—this will test our25-year love affair (for those who don’t know, Cornhuskers in the Big Ten)—and a graduate of the UNL Law School. He is a legal entrepreneur and has his own practice focused on the construction, housing, building sector. Merrell, do you know how hard this is to put into writing—also holds a B.S. in Chemistry and a A.B. in Music Performance, Violin and is a Doctor of Pharmacy. Her professional resume is stunning and she is about to launch Magelli Pharmaceuticals. She has played in the World Youth Orchestra at Interlochen, ranks in the top 10 elite women in water skiing (trick)—it’s important to have life-threatening hobbies; has owned two world champion horses—Black Diamond, five-gait and Yikes, I Yellow, a golden palamino; and recently sold her co—owned business, Global VetMed. They live on Castel Estates, in home designed by Kevin, Pappillion, Nebraska. Emily is about to become a teen-ager and has several horses, Kisses and Tommy and has ridden in the World’s in Louisville, Kentucky and the elite Royal in Kansas City (and recently won big-time in Denver, Colorado). She is the other gift in our life.

Jeannie Smekofksi: is an American Airlines attendant who was working the flight from Shanghai to Chicago last August when I was returning to the States after having spent the last seven weeks teaching in Shanghai. We had a serious discussion about economics, political idealogies, and „the future“. When she was otherwise occupied (like serving dinner, etc.), I was working on the Celebration in Castel (yes a year ago)—so I invited her and she came with friend, ______________________. She had hoped to bring her Father who is in his late 80s. We have a deal that her Father and I are going to do some hiking in the hills of Emilia-Romana.

Leopoldo Magelli is another cousin, a physician with a practice in Bologna. Leopoldo is _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ (thanks to Harry and Terry who maintain the family tree). Leopoldo brought a special gift that will hang in Casa Magelli—the official document „designating in 19??, _____________________________ as a member of the ______________________


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