Larry and Cindy DeBrock

Larry and Cindy DeBrock:   I knew of Larry DeBrock about 20 years ago when I started teaching Economics in the MBA Program; I knew him because forget about winning “a best teaching award”—this guy had it (and still has it) locked up.  We first worked together when the MBA program was being “re-engineered” and he led the very innovative, integrated first-year program.   We shared a quiet respect for each other and I’ll fast forward to two plus years ago when he was appointed Dean—that respect has grown and to have his leadership at a time when there has been so much uncertainty is fortuitous for the College and the University.  It turns out he hails from Manlius, Illinois just a few miles from where my Dad worked in the Cherry mine.  They turn out good people from those parts.  Cindy who has had a long professional administrative career at Illinois is the gyroscope.  It was great to have their son Joe and their daughter, Katie, who will be in my Economics Honors course this fall.   I am looking forward to learning some of her Father’s prize-winning techniques.


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