Jim and Christie Lynch

Jim and Christie Lynch:  I initially met Jim at a GMAC recruiting fair in Chicago.  A Purdue grad, he and Christie spent a Sunday afternoon in my office deciding if the Illinois MBA was a fit.  I can’t remember what I said but it was something to effect that “I hope he wasn’t wasting one of my Sundays”.  He came and later told me he lived for the day that he could work for Mike Tokarz—which he does; Christie puts up admirably with his idiosyncrasies and we share a love for musical theatre.  It turned out that later we discovered that I had admitted Jim’s Mother to the College of LAS when I was Associate Dean there and his Father was once CFO for Target (these CFO kids keep showing up).  Jim is a member of the Clavell Cardiology Club and Christie, Jim needs to get on a regular exercise program!!  P.S.  If you have the occasion to be with Jim, don’t mention the world “blood” unless you are prepared to resuscitate him.


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