Ellie and Charlie Tewksbury

Ellie and Charlie Tewksbury: I can’t believe that I do not remember how long I’ve worked with Ellie.  I do know that she was a student when I was at Parkland—wish I would have known her then!   She came to the MBA program and organized the administrative offices; when I asked Ellie to travel oversees, it was the first time I saw her a bit daunted; she, later, traveled all over the world with me recruiting MBA students.  I’ll recount one in particular—in Shanghai when about 2,000 prospective students attended a session we scheduled.  I doubt that there is anyone on the face of this planet that could have managed that evening but she did, I survived, and we were on to the next site in Taipei.   Ellie called to ask if she could assist us with the Celebration and we are in her debt for her skills, energy, and unflappable management.  Ellie, welcome to my world.  Charlie, incidentally, managed a nuclear plant (and I am not describing Ellie).  Together they have 7 daughters and are still relatively sane.


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